A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.

Master post
I've created this seperate LJ to use as a dream journal. Literal dreams, REM type dreams, not "aspiration" dreams.

The reason is that while nobody wants to hear you talk about your dreams, I often have very vivid, exciting dreams with a compelling adventure-type plot. I might want to use them as inspiration for a story someday.

Coup in Asgard, stalled exodus
Last night's dream came in two distinct parts. The first is somewhat lost to fuzziness, but it involved a pair of charismatic religious men leading an exodus of people out of some kind of bondage or danger. They were crossing over a dangerous river in the dead of night, when it was frozen -- but the ruler of the land on the other side stopped them before they could enter his land, and demanded that the leaders had to do two great deeds to earn his favor. They had to race against the clock to complete the tasks set to them before dawn came and the river thawed, drowning all their people.

Second half of the dream was fanfic-ready: Jane Foster went to Asgard, married Thor, and became pregnant with his child. Then there was a coup -- led by a woman named Erika, a tall black imposing woman in blue plate armor. Jane fled the palace and was hidden by loyalists, while Erika's forces hunted for her and the unborn heir. The loyalists managed to hide Jane through the house-to-house searches by hiding her in a drawer set in the wall between two houses, so she could scramble quickly between one house and the other when the searchers were at that house.

Influences: Thor. Possibly ATLA, since Erika bore a distinct resemblence to Kuvira, in personality and style if not in appearance.

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Had a dream last night that Dorothy returned from Oz. Except instead of returning to her home in Kansas, she emerged from a darkened building into a bright panorama of 23rd-century, post-apocalyptic civilization in Los Angeles. The residents were quite surprised to see her, since the building she came out of had been boarded up and no one had been able to get into it for years. In fact, most of the scientists were not even certain the building was real in the first place.

I think perhaps I've been listening to too much Welcome to Night Vale

Influences: Wizard of Oz, Welcome to Night Vale.

Avatar of Enom
What if a beautiful and ethereal woman came to you in a dream and told you that you had been chosen? That a powerful and wild force was about to enter the world, and that you were the only one who could oversee its return?

What if you woke up twenty years later to find the world in ruins -- with monstrous animals running everywhere, and larger-than-life men and women with supernatural abilities terrorizing the surviving population for their own gain?

What if you don't remember whether you said no... or yes?

In this dream, Tomoyo from CCS showed up to Sakura in a vision to warn her that a primal force, called Enom, was about to return into the world after many years absent. She called on Sakura to be the avatar for Enom, to oversee its introduction back into the world. Sakura turned it down, afraid of the responsibility, and so the Enom went wild and entered the world at random. Animals infected by it turned into huge, monstrous versions of themselves, while humans who gained it got a variety of supernatural powers. However, since the humans affected were chosen at random, many of them were selfish and greedy, so they used their new abilities to run rampant over the rest of the population.

Sakura, now the proper Avatar of the enom, was faced with the task of going throughout the world and cleaning up the overspill. She had a cadre of lieutenants who were imbued with the enom, and also had some control over it even in other people. Sadly I don't remember the specific rules of how the enom interacted with different people in different ways, or how exactly she could and couldn't control it. There was also an additional complication in that when people possessed by the Enom died, they didn't lose their powers; they retained them in a different form in the land of the dead. So, even after the normal world was put back under control, Sakura had to go to the land of the dead to finish the task there.

Influences: Card Captor Sakura, Attack of the Titans

Supervillainess prison battle

I was at a women's prison for supervillains. The prison was being run by an angel. It soon became apparent that the angel was using it not just as a prison, but as a collecting and training ground of warriors against an extradimensional threat. The threat finally revealed itself as a vampire-like creature that could absorb the powers of whomever it consumed.

Me and my female supervillain buddy (possibly sister?) fled through the levels and hallways of the prison as our fellow prisoners fought the vampire and were defeated one by one. Eventually, a cadre of male supervillains (or heroes?) came to our aid, and we defeated the vampire and were all set free. Well, those of us who were still alive.

7/20 - Exploding space station, time loop
I was a teacher in a classroom that was also on a space station. The space station exploded, then I was caught in a time loop to go back to the beginning of the school day. I had to loop the day over and over as I tried to figure out what was causing the explosion. Eventually, I discovered there was a witch teaching one of the classes, and she was casting a spell to gather more power to herself cos she was greedy, and causing the explosion, so me and my adventure friends had to stop her.

May 13th: Death games

I almost don't want to write this. It woke me up very early in the morning, and I had to spend an hour or so reading or doing other things in order to get my brain on other tracks before I could go back to sleep. I really wanted to put it out of my mind.

But what the hell. I'm keeping this diary for sources of inspiration, and it may be that someday I'm called on to write a particularly heinous serial killer or something.

If you are one of my friends or family who reads this blog out of a sense of obligation to me, do not by any means feel obliged to follow under the cut. It's gross, seriously.

Death games.Collapse )

What's strange about this dream is that it wasn't a nightmare in the sense of being accompanied by strong emotional surges of fear or disgust/horror in the way you would normally expect of a nightmare. The imagery just got more and more disturbing until my brain basically decided "okay this is getting ridiculous" and pulled me out of it. Seriously, subconscious, where the fuck are you getting this.

May 10th: Time-traveling sisters
I don't know about other people, but at least for me, it's actually quite rare for me to dream about real people I know. And even more rare to dream about actual family members, unless otherwise noted. Usually when I refer to "sisters" or "parents" or "children" they are characters in the dream who do not correspond to real people, but whom I nevertheless know, in the dream, are related.

This dream featured a pair of sisters. The older sister, along with her fiance, was visiting the family home of the younger sister and their parents. Amidst the various family celebrations, the younger sister urged the older sister to come with her and walk over the family lands in search of a certain special artifact, a magical key.

Only the two sisters together would be able to recover it: once they got close enough, the younger sister would be able to sense and reveal the location of the buried key, but only the older sister had the power to actually get it back. The older sister didn't really want to go; she wanted to stay inside and spend time with her fiance. But she younger sister persuaded her.

So they walked around the grounds of the family estate; there were broken-down stone walls and overgrown greenery. It was night, and raining. At last the younger sister sensed the location of the key, and guided the older sister to it. The older sister reached out to take it.

Then their father appeared. He had long, straight hair, pale grey eyes and wore black clothing. He had the artifact that the key was meant for, a time-traveling device. He was furious at them for disturbing the key. "You stupid little girls!" he raged at them. "I long ago worked out how to use this thing without the key!" He began to rewind time, so that the afternoon would never have happened and they never would have gone searching for the key.

The younger sister grabbed his hand, and the two of them struggled for control. Time veered wildly back and forward, through the previous day and night and then forward again. The younger sister managed to get control for just an instant, and she rewound time to a point where she could contact the older sister in the past, and give her a warning. "Be careful. He can see through time!" she warned her, before the time stream whipped her away.

Then everything stopped, and the older sister was just arriving at the family home again with her fiance. There was no sign of the younger sister anywhere.

April 30th - Taking care of animals, dragons
Backdating this one a bit -- at the time it didn't seem important enough to record, but one never knows.

Another common theme in my dreams -- not exactly nightmares, but anxiety dreams -- is finding myself in charge of something I realize I've been neglecting. (See the Queen Kitten dream from earlier.) In the dream I realize too late that I was supposed to take care of something -- usually an animal, though sometimes a child -- and I'd completely forgotten about them for long stretches of time, probably due to the compressed perception of time in a dream. I then feel guilty and awful for neglecting my responsibilities.

In this particular dream, I was in charge of a whole garden full of animals -- cats, dogs, birds, lizards, rabbits, everything. They were each kept in cages, and had been left in their cages too long. I rushed between one cage and the next, trying to care for each one -- giving them food and water as well as letting them out of the cage for exercise -- but there were too many of them and I felt overwhelmed.

Later in the dream, as part of a different plotline, I rescued a dragon from slavery and we escaped over the rooftops back to the garden where I'd been staying. The dragon was starving and needed to eat meat, so I ended up feeding all the other animals to the dragon, which was something of a relief. (Hey, the dragon was sentient and the other animals were not, and there was no other way to get food for him without giving away our position!)

April 16th: The Contagion, neutralized
This dream seemed to be set in the aftermath of some grand epic universe-threatening danger, not in the midst of one. The main characters were all children, and their parents had died in the fighting. They were combing through the detritus of the last battle (unsure if for survival, clean-up responsibility, or just wanting to know more) and came across a couple of interesting items, most notably a plastic and metal box. The box contained a sample of possibly the most dangerous substance in the universe: one of the Contagions I discussed in this entry (a recurring theme in my nightmares.) Upon coming into contact with organic material of any sort, this dark brown substance would consume it, incorporate its mass into itself, and grow. Once it grew large enough it would be able to move on its own to seek out new food, as well as being able to squeeze or ooze past any barrier; and it would never stop so long as there was anything in the world to consume.

Possibly for the first time this particular substance has ever occurred in my dreams, this time it was completely contained and safe in this particular metal box. (There was a brief side-sequence of the dream where one of the children gave it food to see what would happen, and the results were as described above, which is how I knew what it was -- but then the dream seemed to 'reset' to it being back in the box.) It was not an artifact of the universe-destroying threat itself, interestingly -- instead, it had been made by one of the mostly-evil villains who had been compelled to join forces with the heroes in order to fight the big bad and keep the universe from being destroyed. This Contagion had been designed as a weapon of last resort against the big bad, but never used.

The children set out on a quest to figure out what they should do with the box (and there may have been more to that quest as well -- the other artifacts they found? Was the Big Bad threat really gone? Was the maker of the Contagion still around and up to his old shenanigans?) They were helped in this quest by a video recording they found of their deceased parents, from the future (!) advising them of where to go and what NOT to do. (Apparently in this world you could resurrect dead people by creating clones of them and putting a clear plastic chip into their arm containing their personality and memories, but that hadn't happened yet at this point in time.) Somewhat confusingly, their mother advised the girl carrying the box to keep it in 2.5 gram samples ready to throw -- but also explicitly told them that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should they EVER use the Contagion against their enemies, because they wouldn't be able to contain it afterwards -- so why did she also tell her to get small samples ready to throw? Never got far enough to find out, unfortunately.

That was as far as I got. Closest influences: Mass Effect 3, curiously; the universe-destroying threat they faced seemed to be on the order of The Reapers from that world, one that would force even the worst of enemies to join forces and consider even the most desperate of measures to stop the threat.


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